Relationship Help

How often do we hear about someone or know someone who is in need of some form of relationship help.This call for help is often expressed in one of the following ways:

Help, I have am having a problem with my relationship!

Even though you might ask for help, it may be hard to give up the emotional problem that the relationship is helping you solve. Here are several situations where you might ask for help, but are not able to accept

Personal Relationship Help

Help! I have a problem meeting the right partner!

Do you need a way out of social events? Do you need to increase your self-esteem? When you are invited to do something with others, do you ever find yourself dreading going out. You convince yourself that you will never meet the right person.

Conflict Help

Help! My spouse and I always are in conflict!

Does conflict help you when you’re distract you when you feel uncomfortable, thoughts or feelings? Do you argue to get away from feeling close?

Conflict can keep you at a distance and perhaps make it easier to feel safe "Don't notice me! I am afraid of a romantic relationship!



Relationship Help for Teens

4. Help! My teen has problems with relationships!

Does your teen struggle with relationship issues? Do they feel like their friends have boyfriends or girlfriends and there is something wrong with them? The teen self worth suffers Sometimes they may become depressed.

can effect functioning at work or school. There can be problems with motivation and concentration as well as other problems with daily tasks. ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Relationship Help

6. Help! What can I do !

Sometimes we feel like we have little no control in life. Figuring out issues of intimacy, finding a good match and developing relationship skills can help one to feel empowered.

On this website we will help you understand the complexities associated with relationships, as well as the help that's available to you.

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