Let's face it­­you never get a second chance tomake a first impression!

That's why, if you want to take things further witha woman, you need to show her your best on the veryfirst date. And in actual fact, there are 5 thingsthat men consistently do on first dates thattotally destroy their chances of seeing the womanagain, and the worst part is they think they'redoing it right!

Avoid the following 5 mistakes to increase yourchances of success on your first date:

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Bringing chocolate or flowers on a first date isn'tthe best idea - especially if you've just met thewoman! She's there to get to know YOU. Women arealways asking themselves "what does THAT mean?" Andin this case it's, "He bought me flowers because helikes me, but he doesn't even know anything aboutme yet! A little suspicious.


When in the presence of a potential date, men oftenbecome boring, instead of keeping up the friendlyvibe they have with their friends. They won’t makejokes or laugh with the woman, they won’t playaround like they do with their friends and theygenerally take things a little too seriously. Whydo men change their behavior around women, oftenwithout even realizing they’re doing it? Becausethey fear losing their only chance with the girl oftheir dreams, they try and play the safe side,which results in a “Mr. Serious.”


When men become "Mr. Serious" they often fall into"job interview conversation mode." Make sure youreserve questions like, "So where do you work?" or"How many brothers and sisters do you have?" forthe future, after you've already had a lot of funand made the sparks fly. Instead, talk about yourhobbies, interesting stories and fun stuff. Avoidanything too deep for a long period of time. On afirst date, it can make things a little depressing.Talk like you've known each other for years (as ifyou don’t need to do the awkward 20-questionsquiz.) Of course you can ask basic questions, butnever make it the main focus of your date. Focus onfun.


Without realizing it, many guys turn their datesoff by trying a little too hard. For example: Menwill lean into a woman’s personal space, and ask,"so do you like me?" or constantly change hisopinion to seek her approval and make her like him.Big mistake. Ironically, it's leaning back, stayingcool and calm, being a little cheeky, interesting,mysterious and comfortable with yourself thatactually gets a woman's attention and keeps herinterested.


If your date finds the night boring, you'refinished. When it comes to having fun on firstdates, nothing is more important than what you do.And while dinners and movies are nice, it's reallyhard to leave a great impression in these settings.Why? Because they set a very "proper tone" that'shard to turn into fun and playful. And unlessyou're a super funny, intelligent and interestingguy, dinner and movie dates just aren't the bestplace to take your date. Instead, go to fun placeslike mini-golf parks, carnivals, parks, or evenbetter, come up with your own unique and fun ideas. So in essence, while there are many factors tohaving a successful date, a great date idea reallyhelps you do many of them naturally! Remember,where you take a woman on a first date can be thedifference between a great night and a datingdisaster! Choose wisely!
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