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Weddings were once a rather structured concern. This typically meant a bride, a groom, an Minister of Religion, a bunch of witnesses, and the traditional vows that have been utilized throughout the ages. At the present time a bridal couple are able to plan that dream wedding just as they feel what's good for them. With a lot of bridal couples trying to find ever-newer, ever-more-surprising and exciting ways to make their weddings specially tailor made for them, Yacanna is the ideal place for making this happen. We could help create a wedding that will be remembered by all.

Preparing for a dream wedding is usually one of the most special periods in a couple's life together. At Yacanna we specialize in bridal and gifts and bridal from wedding cards to the wedding cake topper and bride and groom toppers. It is through the planning and the selection of accessories that a couple can design an ambiance that best suits them.

Have Your Ceremony Done the Way You Dreamed

Wedding Officiant

Karen Chambre, MSW, Psy.D. tba, ULM 818-5091732 Legal officiate at non denominational weddings for both same gender couples and opposite gender couples. Make your wedding reflect who you truly are as a couple


Yacanna brings you create a special atmosphere for your wedding. The company started in 2003 and their goal is to make every wedding dream come true. We are based in in Wrentham, Massachusetts and in our online store you will find everything you want for your Big Day.

At Yacanna we aim to provide you with the absolute best to make your special day a memorable one. Check out our online store and find our brilliant collection of unique gifts for the bridesmaid such as our stunning hair clip pins. We are known for our large variety of wedding gifts and accessories.

Sit in the comfort of your own home and take a look at our large online catalog. We provide a large selection of favors for the wedding together with a choice of other wedding accessories like card boxes. Weddings imply plenty of wedding cards and at Yacanna you can find a fantastic selection of wedding card boxes which create a gorgeous centerpiece for a table and serve an useful purpose too.

p>Take a look at our wonderful of personalized wedding favors, place card holders, bridal shower party favors and wine bottle stoppers. We offer many stunning and select designs to select from, gifts for the bride, candles, jewelry, and themed collections.

For that very special day let us introduce you to the Sand Wedding Ceremony. Lately this has become a Ceremony of choice and is more formally called the unity sand ceremony. Much like the unity candle with which you might be familiar, the sand version offers a symbolic, visually poignant moment that can add not only a personalized feel but also a dream like ceremony instead of a conventional formal affair. At Yacanna we offer the Sand Ceremony sand for use during your wedding.

So why wait, visit us at Yacanna and discover all your wedding accessories, favors and unique gifts. Make your day count!

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