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Erectile Dysfunction in Men

It is often thought that men are more sexual than women in terms of attitude and how they respond to certain sexual ideas. Although this is a popular belief many women are very sexual. Erectile Dysfunction is certainly upsetting to a man however it can really cause problems with couples. Communication between partners is the most important part of dealing with this issues.

Most people expect that prior to sexual intercourse, men experience an erection due to the physical and mental stimulation with their partner. Unfortunately, when a man has a difficult time maintaining or obtaining an erection, he may experience anxiety and feelings of failure. Anxiety can often make the problem worse.

Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction experience consistent inability to have an erection during sexual intercourse, have difficulty maintaining an erection  at a crucial point during sex. These  problems can also include: difficulty ejaculating, or an occurrence of having very brief erections. This can be extremely upsetting for many men. Often men with these issues, feel shame anxiety, as well as inadequacy which their partners can perceive as a problem in themselves. When both partners begin to feel self conscious, sexual issues can become worse.


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Sexual impotence is one of the most familiar sexual problems and affects almost half of all men over 40 years of age. This can evolve into a more severe condition as men get older. Having less education will increase the impotence of men, since they are likely to have a less healthy diet (drinking more and having no exercise), and having less healthy lifestyle.  Also, because of shame and fear of a social stigma, men are less likely to seek medical help for this condition. The condition can be temporary or permanent, but is nonetheless distressing for the sufferer. Impotence can stem from a psychological problem, mainly caused by mere stress or observance of performance anxiety, but certain cases can be attributed to various physical injuries or illnesses.



It is important to seek an evaluation by a doctor to determine possible diagnoses and treatments. Some men feel such shame anxiety they are reluctant to obtain help.

Some of the medical causes can include: 1.Diabetes which may involve nerve damage, 2. Kidney Disease, which can contribute to hormone fluctuations,3. Vascular Diseases, which contribute to hardening of the arteries which slows blood flow to the penis 4. Prostate problems and more. 

Psychological reasons of impotence involve stress and anxiety, problems with your relationship, and fear of failure (performance anxiety). By seeking help to control the stress, or by counseling, you can decrease the chances of having impotence. Always inform your physician regarding any symptoms or irregular sexual response, so that proper treatments can be performed

The most important aspect of dealing with this problem is not to put off consulting a physician. A proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment can really lead to resuming a comfortable sex life