It is not surprising that many people in relationships go through difficult time in relationship and are at a loss of how to make-a-relationship-work. Some people are afraid to get too attached because they fear the pain of rejection or abandonment. Others, who have experienced feelings of being trapped or smothered in early life dread they will lose their individuality and have to give up all of their likes and dislikes to be with another.

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It is complicated to make-a-relationship-work for a good length of time with one person. In a dyadic relationship, each has their own, individual biological temperament as well strengths and challenges that they are born with. Furthermore each person usually has their own cultural background as well as being raised in their own distinct families with separate types of dynamics. This all adds up to the manner in which two people in a relationship experience and cope with people and their environment in their own way.
When these two individual develop a relationship, these differences appear fairly easily often causing conflict. In many relationships each wants the other to accomplish and implement various interactions and task in the same way as they carry-out situations in their own life.

The challenge seems to be each may have an expectation that the other will enjoy and implement situations in a similar way as the other. Learning the commonalities and differences the two of you have, is extremely important to make-a-relationship-work.

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Once there is some understanding of these differences, the couple can begin to compromise on the issues which they disagree. This makes life much more pleasant.

It certainly takes maturity and a sense of commitment to do this work. It is particularly difficult in situations where couples come to an impasse and it is an issue that cannot be compromised, such as having a baby. Much discussion and the help of a professional may be helpful at these times to make-a-relationship-work.
In any relationship there must exist the element of trust. It doesn't matter if it is a friendship or romance, if there is no trust, there can be no committed relationship or friendship. Honesty is the backbone of trust. Both elements must exist to make-a-relationship-work. This means you must be honest yourself, and trust your own judgment. When one is able to trust their own judgment, they can see who and in what way they can trust the others.
The ability to use ones own judgment and gain the ability to trust that judgment, one can find a relationship in which they sense trust. No relationship can exist without trust, intimate communication, and ability to compromise.

That is the reason why relationships that contain an unhealthy amount of jealousy do not last because although the one part may be honest himself or herself, if they cannot transfer trust in the other person, the relationship is doomed from the start.
Besides trust and honesty, one must also have consideration for the feelings of the other person. You may be thinking that is easy to do, but you will find there are times when it is easier said than done. For example, maybe you can't agree on where to go on a date, and there is some place you have your heart set on going, and your date is adamant that he or she will not go there. It's very difficult to not say that you're going with or without him or her. This is something that you have to learn if you expect to develop a lasting relationship with anyone, whether it's a friend or lover