Sensual-sexual-Message ;An Enticing Sexual Conecting For Lovers

Are you Feeling Distant? Loss of Passion? Difficulties achieving orgasms? Sensual-Sexual- Message is a Road to Reconnect a Depth of Intimacy and Enhance Sexuality.

How to Create A Sensual-Sexual -Message; A Special Event for a Couple

Step 1.Preparation

Anticipate pleasurable enticements to make a special environment for the gift of a sensual-sexual-message. Make sure to titillate all the senses. Candles to see and smell, oils to experience touch and smell and or chocolates indulge the senses. Let your imagination go wild in preparing a special romantic place.

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How about Champagne and Chocolates to tingle the senses

Step 2 Begin with a Soothing Touch

Try a special oil or lotion with a sent your partner enjoys.Pour the oil into your hands and rub them together to warm the potion to the body's temperature.

Run your fingers gently all over your partner's skin. Feel the slight touch as fantasies develop • The sexual urges become more powerful. • Pause, then use a velvet scarf sliding over breasts, nipples, and vagina. Feel the physical and emotional urges ! • Fight the desire to start touching the clitoris. • Gently caress your breasts touching the outer curve, and gracefully touch your nipples applying a bit more pressure. • The burning desires throbbing between your legs will feel like your body will explode

The torture of tease conjures up an indescribable amount of sexual excitement. The genuine freedom will aide in experiencing a new depth of pleasure. This is particularly useful if you have experienced a decline in your libido, or if achieving orgasm is difficult for you.

Step 3 Deliberate Mindful Teasing

Deliberate mindful teasing evokes passionate desire as a gift for your partner. This in turn can create the beginning of an amazing intimate fiery journey. Glide softly over each part of her naked body with your touch • Remember to take time to cultivate an increasing sense of excitement. • She will be filled with desire begging you for more. • The secret is DO NOT GIVE IN • Continue to fuel her arousal • Stop and make her wait. She will beg for more • Mindfully transition teasing to explicitly stimulating her breasts and clitoris. • Painstakingly move toward her genitals refusing to totally embrace her desires. • You will excite her beyond anything she has experienced before. Benefits

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