Sex and Marriage

The Passionalte Begining

In the beginning of marriage or a long term relationship, intimacy and sex are very important for majority of couples.Couples often isolate themselves from others due to the excitement to be with one another. Often couples are so involved with one another that they put much less time into other things that they have previously enjoyed. This is a very great time in the life of the relationship

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Sex and Marriage: Moving Past the Excitement and Passion

As the couple gets to know each other more fully unfortunately the wonderful passion can begin to wane.

Some couples unfortunately have a difficult time going beyond that stage.Some people start to lose their sex drive and this can create that came using the partnership easily went away and now the two you and your wife or husband are familiar with anything, and your wife or husband does not experience the way he or she used to. Is there a means to reduce a divorce when your partnership is in difficulties, and continue to keep your household with each other? Sure, there may be.

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Emotionally, we always expect marriage to be declaration of eternal love. In reality, are interpersonal relationships: intimate and sexual still continue being major part of marriage through years of commitment? What these tendencies come from? Do all of these people have very low sex drives, and may even be asexual? Are reasons of sexless marriage physical and differs from couple to couple, or is it social?

Keeping passion alive forever is not genuine for many people. As we get to know our partners better and live with faults and disagreements, passion has a tendency to wane. Sex can become boring and feel like an obligation.

The anticipation and thrill begin to disapate.Couples can become more distant from one another. This circumstance can become extremly theatening to a relationship. Especially if partners have different sexual appetites needs for affection and/or connection.

If partners neglect to communicate their feelings, resentment or unmet need can build up and become unbarable. At times this is when one or the other partner can be vulneable to an affair or separation.

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Many of us are raised with the fantasy that if we get married we will acheive a state of matramonial bliss. It is portrayed in the media as the long awaited prize at the end of the seach to find the one.

Unfortunately after a time of excitment, the partners can begin to realize that being married is not always fun. Partners begin to disagree about issues especially big decisions like buying a house or having children. If the couple decides to have children,responsibilities,obligations and differences in the way each partner parents can cause tension.Also career and childcare decisions come into play as well as more financial obligations. As these adjusments occur the priority of the couple and enjoying a good sex may lose priority to one or the other.Partners become tired and stressed.

Sex can become lost. Partners may feel uncomfortable talking about what has become of their precious relationship.Sometimes if the issues are not acknowledged one or the other of the spouses, can start feeling sexually unsatisfied. This can result in all kinds of problems.