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Bring the Magic Back Into Your Relationship: Learn Tantra, Tantra for Couples

By: Troy Truman

Tantra sessions for couples are very popular. They blend the teaching of tantric sex techniques with other elements such as tantric massage or even tantric meditation to give the couple a greater sense of togetherness and intimacy. Couples tantra can be a way to bring back a spark that may have fizzled out over years of being together. Things like that do happen, as couples simple get used to each other over a certain period of time. It may not be the same way it was when you first got together. If you're looking to put that lost magic back into your relationship, this could be the way to do it.

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Each tantric instructor has his or her own style, but in general, couples' tantra involves an initial conversation with the couple to get a feel for where the couple is in both their personal and professional lives--because one does influence the other. Each partner has a wants and needs from their sex lives, and this is also taken into account. Because of the rather frank subject matter, there could be a bit of shyness at first, but as the consultation goes on, couples should feel more at ease with their instructor as they discuss what methods the instructor wishes to try for their specific needs.

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Depending on the location, a couples' tantra session could involve a bath ceremony. While this is usually done with both partners, if time is running short, only one partner takes part in the ceremony; most often it's the female. Using a blend of scented soaps, oils, and sponges, the body is gently touched in a way that relieves stress and relaxes the body. From here, the next stage of the session begins with tantric massage, tantric sex techniques, or a combination of both.

Relationships can become difficult to maintain once the feeling of intimacy dissipates. It's a natural progression of any relationship, but the key is how to keep the spark from dying out; how to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Couples' tantra tries to remedy this situation by teaching couples various massage and sexual techniques to make it rather difficult for the spark to fizzle out. It may seem a bit much at first, but once the first layer of shyness disappears, the real session can begin to find the unique approaches for each couple in order to regain the intimacy that may have been lost over the years.

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