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Are you frustrated because living with your spouse has become more like being with a roommate?   Does it feel like an eternity since you had amazing sex? 

What has happened?

As most of you know relationships can start out with incredible exploding passionate sex. You feel the chemistry and sex can be intense and extremely passionate.

 Aside from chemistry, a factor of this remarkable sex is the mystery, fantasy or illusion of the other. Unfortunately as time goes by it's easy to lose the fire. As you and your spouse get to know each other the mystery and fantasies fade and are replaced with reality annoyances and unmet needs. Unquestionably the passion diminishes sometimes to the point that your once incredible sex life is reduced to an obligation or becomes extinct.

These five tips to revive great sex will help you to renew and spice up your arousal and develop a journey of sensual exploration which can result in more satisfaction in your relationship.


Tip 1.
Evaluate Your Sex Life

Tip 2.
 Recreate Warm Close Feelings for Each Other

 Begin to pay attention to the stress and resentments that may have created a distance between you. Some of these can include, overwork, loneliness, financial issues, losses in the family, medical problems and medications that can effect sexual functioning. Try to listen to each other without judgment. Accepting the feelings of the other even if you do not perceive it the same way , can go a long way toward couples feeling understood. That understanding can replenish some of the warm connected feelings that may have drifted away. Also try to make sure you spend some good quality time together as a couple doing things that each of you like. This may include putting some of the romance back in the relationship. Get each other little gifts, plan a date night, do nice things for each other and start to appreciate the special quantities in the other.            

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Tip 3 
Alow Yourself to Feel Sexy

Start to think about your body?  What do you feel about it? Are you concerned that your partner will be turned off by the sight of you naked? Try to make some peace with your own body and try to share feelings with your partner.  Allow for both of you to spend time finding ways to feel sexy about yourself. As this occurs begin to flirt and tease your partner in a sexy playful manner.

Spend time finding out about what is sexy to yourself and your partner. Get dressed up to go out or stay in. Create some mystery for your partner. Entice yourself and then your partner.


Tip 4
The Magic of Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of creating an incredible sex life. It is the quality and quantity of Foreplay change a boring sex life into most fiery explosive experience. The secret is that with the more aroused both partners are the more the higher the intensity.When you and your partner are present, and notice each physical sensation you are on your way.Quieting your mind and allowing yourself to be free of self-consciousness enables you and your partner give and receive without thought and experience pure sensation is possibly one of the most important factors in recreating exciting sexuality.

Tip 5 
Plan Erotic or Sexual Adventure

If you and your partner want to spice up your sex life, plan erotic sex adventures. Share fantasies and appreciate the desires of yourself and your partner. Make a plan to start acting on them. Some people can start to build on their experiences and allow themselves to explore and reach higher states of ecstasy.